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Rules and Regulations

Our objective is to “Maintain a Clean, Healthy and Respectful Environment”



  • SPEED LIMIT 10 MPH ONLY. Please be very careful of playing children.

  • Only 2 vehicles per site is permitted. Additional parking is available across from bathhouse. All other vehicles/trailers to be stored in designated vehicle storage area.

  • $2.00 per car fee for non-registered guests visiting our park

  • All vehicles entering the park must have current license plate and be in good mechanical condition and good general appearance as deemed by park personnel.  Vehicles must stay on designated roads, abide by all road signs and park in designated spots only.

  • Golf Carts must be operated by licensed driver only. Must obey all traffic rules just as a car. Registered camper is responsible for any/all damage caused by golf cart.

  • ATV’s and side by Sides or similar vehicles are not permitted to be operated in the park. They are to be stored in designated vehicle storage area.


  • Check in is AFTER 1:00 pm ; Check out is BEFORE 12:00 pm Noon

  • All RV and primitive sites must be kept clean and tidy.  No personal property or debris is allowed to be stored on site or around RV which would be deemed an eyesore by park personnel.  No campsite shall exceed 6 people. Electric/Tent site capacity is two tents. RV site capacity is one RV. Maintain your RV and personal property within your registered site.

  • Fires are permitted in fire rings only.  Moving fire ring is prohibited.  Fires must be completely extinguished before campsite is vacated.

  • Use of generators is prohibited without park personnel permission.


  • Quiet hours 10:00 pm to 7:00 am

  • Alcoholic beverages must be confined to your registered site only. Excessive drinking, underage drinking, illegal drug use, foul/abusive language etc. is prohibited.

  • Registered guests are responsible for the actions and safety of their children/guests at all times. Registered guests must be at least 18 years old.

  • Park personnel have the authority to terminate for cause without refund any occupancy at any time.


  • Dump station, bathhouse, picnic areas and campsites are for paid guests only.

  • Dumpsters are for bagged household garbage only for use by paid guests only.

  • Washing dishes or pets in drinking fountains or bathhouse showers/sinks is prohibited. 

  • Washing boats/autos/RVs is prohibited.                           

5.  PETS:

  • Pets must be kept on leash and personally attended to at all times.

  • Owners are responsible for immediate pet waste disposal around site and camp grounds, and ensuring pets are not creating a disturbance of any kind.

  • Pets are not allowed to be tied to any camp property or tied outside and left unattended.

  • No pet fences are allowed

  • NO PETS ALLOWED in Bathhouse or Cabins (certified service dogs exception applies)


  • The use/discharge of firearms, bow and arrows and fireworks of any kind is prohibited.


  • Firewood bundles are for sale by park personnel.

  • You cannot cut down or deface any tree or shrubs on the property.  If there is a limb or branch that obstructs the functionality of your campsite please notify park personnel. 

  • You are permitted to pick up and burn any dead fall that you find in your campsite.


  • No one shall injure, destroy, remove, mutilate or deface any building, sign or rock on property whatsoever.

  • No one shall kill, injure, pursue or harm any wild animal.

  • Swimming/Fishing prohibited in park ponds/lakes.

  • Sleeping in autos is prohibited. Camping outside of designated sites is prohibited.

  • Sub-leasing of campsites or personally owned equipment is prohibited. Commercial business or enterprise is prohibited without park personnel permission.  Private notices/advertisements are prohibited without park personnel permission. 

Park personnel reserves the right to change/add to rules and regulations and expectations at any time

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